Who We Are


To be one of the most valued and respected Non Government Organisations in Rwanda and beyond, working towards achieving sustainable livelihoods among the rural poor, contributing towards shaping and implementation of national policies that lead to positive economic, social and technological transformation.


To realize a population of rural Rwandese communities that are economically sustainable, socially transformed, technologically advanced and Ecologically resilient.

Overall goal:

The Overall goal of RWARRI is to provide support to the rural communities comprising mainly of small holder farmers to improve their livelihoods and build resilience to cope with climate change thereby minimising vulnerabilities and disaster risks.

Our Values:

1.  Transparency

2.  Accountability

3.  Respect for Human Dignity

4.  Effectiveness

5. Equity

Thematic Goals:

1. Improve the economic status of small holder farmers through enhanced agricultural productivity, access to markets and increased income.

2. Enhance community participation in implementation of social programs in health, nutrition, education and Governance

3. Enhance the use of technology in infrastructure development, ICT and agro processing to increase competitiveness of agro products and services.

4.  Promote sustainability and natural resources management.

5. Strengthen the capacity of the Organization to effectively meet its mandate by focusing on institutional governance and accountability.