A Taste of Improved Livelihoods through the Green Technology Project in Ngoma district

03-Jun-2021 03:58:24

In March 2021, in Ngoma district at the Mutenderi site, the construction of irrigation infrastructure created green jobs employing 164 casual workers comprising 27 men, 49 women and 88 youth. Of these, 95 were project direct beneficiaries who benefited from the construction activities. Consequently, the money gained was used mainly to feed their families, build or refurbish their houses, buy bicycles and domestic animals, pay tuition, for school materials, health insurance, and join savings groups. "We are experiencing a well-deserved and improved livelihood," they joyfully admitted.  

Uwikunda Adeline, 22, a direct beneficiary,  learnt from her mother that the green technology project was giving green jobs to Mutenderi residents. She didn't hesitate to visit the site on the first day of the construction activities to ask for a job. "I immediately got the job, and have since earned an estimated amount of 100,000Frw", she revealed.

Today, Uwikunda says that life has improved after getting that job since she can cover her family's daily basic needs. "I am feeling blessed because beyond covering my family's basic needs, a part of my family's land will be irrigated, we will grow vegetables three times a year, and I managed to buy a pregnant goat that has since given birth to two kids." She explained and added that she also joined a savings group and plans to renovate their family home.

Uwikunda expects greater harvest in the coming seasons due to the donated irrigation facilities and training in better farming skills and practices.

Nsanzintwari Sylvestre, a 26-year old man, also got a job at the Mutenderi site. "Since the beginning of the construction activities in March to now, I have earned 102,000 Frw in wages from the work I perform on the site", he expressed.  

Nsanzintwari has replaced the roof of his family's house at the cost of 54,000 Frw, and he joined a savings group with the hopes of using the money he will get to also replace the doors and paint the house soon.