From FtMA interventions, former farmhands got their lands

22-Apr-2021 10:27:10

Uwiragiye Claudine and Nsengiyumva Emmanuel are members of the Terimbere Gishari cooperative under the Farm to Market Alliance-FtMA project in the Rwamagana district. Five years ago, they were hired as casual workers to cultivate in others’ farms. 

In 2012, Uwiragiye Claudine left Ngororero district in search of casual jobs in Rwamagana. Since then, she worked in others’ farms when knows the project, she started receiving FtMA training such as Good Agriculture Practices-GAP and Post-Harvest Handling and Storage-PHHS training. Claudine noticed that maize is the source of money and wealth and therefore decided to change her financial status by investing time and means in maize production. “I used the little money I had earned to lease land of 35 Ares that I cultivated and harvested my first 300kgs of maize”, she revealed.

Uwiragiye has increased maize harvest to 1.6 MT due to FtMA training. Season after season of selling her produce, she has since managed to buy her plot of land at 500,000Frw in 2019; build her house of 25 iron sheets; install electricity in the home; today, she is ready to install water. “Ten years ago, I could not imagine that one day I would have my property,” she joyfully mentioned. 

Nsengiyumva Emmanuel, another Terimbere Gishari cooperative member, was living off his meager farmhand salary he got cultivating others’ lands. “I was poor both financially and mentally and spent my earnings on beer,” he regretted. In 2019, Nsengiyumva leased land of 15 Ares, registered as a member at Terimbere Gishari Cooperative, and started receiving FtMA project training. “Currently, my maize production has increased from 100kgs in 2019 to 1.5 MT”, he expressed before disclosing that he now owns land estimated at 40 Ares, a step that Emmanuel had never dreamt of before he joined Terimbere Gishari Cooperative. 

Terimbere Gishari Cooperative has 48 members with access to 11 ha of land. During the 2021A season, the cooperative sold to formal buyers approximately 36MT.