Cooperatives positively experienced the crop insurance scheme

14-Oct-2020 01:21:56

Cooperatives under Farm to Market Alliance-FtMA program positively experienced the crop insurance scheme since when COAMAGI and COAMANYA cooperatives from Gisagara district got respectively compensations of   1,292,000Rwf and 1,616,000Rwf for their maize plantations flooded in Akanyaru river marshland.   

During the season 2020B, COAMAGI cooperative had insured its maize plantation of 20 ha at 359,000Rwf and COAMANYA its 30 ha at about 500,000Rwf. And when, the floods washed away their maize, they got compensations of   1,292,000Rwf and 1,616,000Rwf respectively.

On the other hand, during the season 2019A, KOHUNYA cooperative in Rwamagana district had insured its 8.86 ha of maize at about 193,140Rwf. And when a strong wind devastated the entire 8.86 ha, the cooperative received a compensation of 463,300Rwf.

Last but not least, COOPIMU and Urumuri Mushishito cooperatives in Nyamagabe district in season 2020B insured their maize plantations of 27.64ha at 711,818Rrwf and 12.4ha at 319,362Rwf respectively. Then, the drought came and affected enormously their production. After assessment, COOPIMU received a compensation of 5,143,774Rwf  and  Urumuri Mushishito got 1,739,024Rwf. All compensations are calculated in accordance with losses that occurred.

Since the National Agriculture Insurance Scheme (NAIS) called "Tekana Muhinzi Urishingiwe" was launched by the Ministry of Agriculture and its partners in 2019, Farm to Market Alliance –FtMA program is involved in mobilization of 116 cooperatives in 8 different districts of the country to adopt this scheme.  

NAIS is imposing as another alternative way for smallholder farmers engaging in the agriculture activities to cover their losses, which were challenging them to maximize the production considering how the climate changes are affecting the sector. Mobilizing smallholder farmers grouped into cooperatives to use the scheme that is subsidized by the Rwandan government help farmers to practice secured agriculture activities.